About WKTU – Why Was It Special

WKTU had an 11.3 share of the radio market. This meant that out of all listening to New York radio, 11.3% were listening to WKTU.  Now, statistically, that may not sound like a lot.  Today, if a station receives 4 percent (or a 4 share) in most markets they would be doing well.  11.3 percent for ONE station was something astronomical.  Never before seen on FM in New York and Never seen since.

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4 Responses to “About WKTU – Why Was It Special”

  1. Eric Williams Says:

    The most amazing and happening station of all time! Was on the direct pulse of the genre to the minute!It was New York!!

  2. Linda Hoerter Says:

    Hi, I hope someone can please help me. I was driving up the West Side Highway, listening to Mellow 92 and the song that was playing ended with the words “it’s over….it’s over”. At least that’s what my recollection is. The next thing I heard was Donna Summer singing lady dance. I can’t find out what song that was. I have tried searching but can’t come up with anything.
    Does anyone know the last song that was played on WKTU Mellow 92 Bach in July of 1978 before they switched to disco?? Thanks for the help!

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